Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blythe Dolls...too cute!

Ok, so I know a lot of people think they're kinda creepy... but I secretly LOVE Blythe dolls.. I don't have one, because I have better things to spend 200 bucks on... but I still think they're really cute.   I wonder what a human, Blythe doll would look like.  Maybe Miranda Kerr?  I dunno...anyway, here are some cute pics!

Basic, Sexy, Chic

Basic, Sexy, Chic

I'm just so over trendiness and items that I can only wear with certain other things... I've literally donated almost all of my clothing and I'm just starting fresh with simple, sexy, chic pieces that look amazing and don't clutter up my wardrobe. My new thing is simple yet well-fitting outfits with lots of gold or silver jewelry and amazing hair and makeup. Less is more!

HOTNESS! Bar Rafaeli... British GQ September 2011

There's a very Gisele-like essence of these photos of Israeli model Bar Rafaeli... and that's probably why I find them so stunning.  I'm going to work out ASAP..and get a spraytan... WOW!